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Meet the Team

Ross Dowley

Associate Consultant

After University I found myself in an unbalanced work life style grinding as a chef in the midlands and later in London. After a year of making people happy through filling their stomachs I decided to pursue a career that fulfilled my own hunger for success. One month later and after an exciting recruitment process I landed at Allexo Search as a fresh faced Associate Consultant. I’m now setting goals professionally and personally that I didn’t feel I could for another 5-10 years!

Why have you decided to pursue a career in Recruitment?

Having known a couple of people within the industry I quickly became aware of the vast amount of opportunities that the recruitment life has to offer. Feeling that I could reach my goals while having a positive effect on the professional lives of others made it clear that it was the right move for me.

Why Allexo Search?

London being the recruitment capital of the world, there is no shortage of companies for a new starter to begin their new careers with. In spite of this I still managed to land at the perfect company for me. Allexo’s values and the constant echo of their importance within the team really set them apart from every other recruitment agency I came across. Paired with the bespoke training they offer, the knowledge they hold in their field and the culture and personalities at the company it really was a no brainer!

What are your personal/career goals?

It’s a great question because I am now in a position where I can fast track my goals due to the opportunity and rewards involved in the industry. Mastering my craft is at the top of my career list, I feel once I’m on the right track to doing this then everything else will simply fall into place. Making regular placements and becoming one of Allexo’s hardest working recruiters will see to my success growing. My personal goals are as simple as staying healthy and living the best life that I can, while my new rewarding lifestyle will answer my calls for adventure.