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Meet the Team

Gareth Hughes

Associate Consultant

I’ve always had a passion for the performing arts and found that sales was a great place to utilise those skills in a commercial environment. Unlike a lot of people, I decided not to go to university, and instead devoted that time to work and travel. I was fortunate enough to start my career at Kellogg’s, where I refined and developed my sales skills.

After that I travelled around south east Asia and eventually settled in Sydney. I found a job for a marketing company and after breaking the sales record in my first week, I was later able to set up and manage my own sales team. After returning home to the UK, I worked as a sales manager for a global leader in the buildings industry before joining Allexo.

Why have you decided to pursue a career in Recruitment? 

I was looking for a more social work place with high earning potential and found that the recruitment industry satisfied both. I’d previously recruited my own sales team in Australia and really enjoyed the process. I like working with people and really enjoy helping them find success. Having previously worked for a large company within the FMCG industry it has given me amazing insights that I’ll be able to utilise in my day to day

Why Allexo Search?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience different size companies and work cultures and found that Allexo really ticked all the boxes I was looking for. They’re a start-up with big ambitions and a structured plan on how to get there, which made me excited to join that journey. I really clicked with the directors, who were very like-minded and I found the work place environment and culture really fun and relaxed.

What are your personal/career goals?

I’ve always been very entrepreneurial and further down the line would love to have my own business. At present I’m just looking forward to helping Allexo grow within their market and share the success that comes with it.